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Richard Hermann, owner

“Dad and I learned on the job. We never went to baking school.”

“But for dad, running the business was to keep a roof over his head. I do half as much variety as he did. With me, I love being there, making the stuff and selling it.”

“When I was very young, I used to get up before dawn and go to the bakery to be with dad, who was working 6 days a week.”

A latch on his door at home was there to deter him leaving the house at night. “I couldn’t reach the latch but I would push open the hook with a stick. I used to sneak out and go. Dad would call mom and say ‘he’s down here.’”

“Dad started working for Gus Dondero in 1922. He was 19 years old. He was keeping warm in a pool hall, when someone came in and said the job was available (at Dondero’s Bakery). He rushed to beat other job hopefuls.”

Richard started working when he was 13, and then he cooked while he was in the Navy in 1959. He then went back to the bakery in 1963.

“When I get in, I start mixing the bread dough.”

Everything at Hermann's Bakery is made from scratch “The old fashioned way.”

“Pie dough is the tricky thing. I make the best pie dough in the world.”


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